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Turbo Games - Overview » CasinoChap.com

Turbo Games iGaming Provider

Turbo Games is a creative and future-oriented provider of highly advanced gaming products available for players from all over the world. All of the company’s games are based on the Provably Fair algorithm. Thanks to it, the transparency of each round and outcome is guaranteed. Not only that, but the integration of the Provably Fair system in the company’s products allows every player to check and verify the fairness of the game they’re playing at any time. That’s one of the key reasons why Turbo Games stands out from its competitors.

As for the company, it was launched in 2021, and undoubtedly, it’s winning the hearts of worldwide players. Take a moment to read our honest and detailed review. In it, you’ll find out what the company has to offer, where you can find its products, and much more.



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What Makes Turbo Games Products Attractive?

Turbo Games is an extraordinary game developer that has a lot to offer. Its products are of the highest quality and available for players from all parts of the world 24/7. One of the most apparent advantages of playing the developer’s games is, of course, the integrated Provably Fair system that guarantees players fairness and transparency every time they play.

Also, the company has done a terrific job with all of its games regarding quality and gameplay. All titles come with impeccable graphics and sounds, very few simple rules, and the best part is that you can play them across devices. If you’re not feeling too confident at the beginning, you can start with the demo versions that give you virtual $1,000 to test the games, their features, and your skills. You can switch to real money play and hunt for real cash rewards when you feel ready.

Turbo Games Gaming Offer

Turbo Games is a renowned provider that offers products suitable for all players. Its portfolio contains seven incredibly entertaining titles, and we are about to give you a detailed description of each and every one of them below.

Space Adventure Crash X

Space Adventure Crash X is one of the most well-liked types of games for players from all around the globe. The game was first released in March 2021, and it hasn’t stopped tickling players’ nerves ever since. You can play the game with a minimum bet of $0.01 and a maximum of $100 per round. It’s a space-themed multiplayer game with an RTP rate of 95% and a legendary format that offers lots of excitement every time you play. Simply choose the size of your bet, place it, and wait for the result.


Category Multiplayer

ReleaseMarch 2021

You can play manually, or if you prefer to automate the process, choose Autobet and relax while multiplying the coefficient. Space Adventure Crash X is a classic crash game, like Spribe’s Aviator. This type of game has proven extremely popular lately, and we’re sure you’ll love Turbo Games’ take on them really much. Especially if the space theme is your thing.

Turbo Games Space Adventure Crash X

Space Adventure Crash X

Dice Twice

Dice Twice is an exciting single-player game by Turbo Games launched in April 2021. It is a simple and easy but highly addictive game that will have you betting over and over again because resisting the risk is impossible. Bet amounts in the Turbo Games Dice Twice range between $1 and $100, and the maximum profit is $1,000.



ReleaseApril 2021

Players can bet on one of the two colors – blue or green and influence their winning chances by dragging the slider left or right. But, keep in mind that the higher the winning chances, the lower the payout. Turbo Games Dice Twice comes with an RTP rate of 97%, which is above average and very attractive for players. This fast-paced game is excellent for anyone who wants to test their luck by making simple guesses.

Turbo Games Dice Twice

Dice Twice

Hamsta Digging Gangsta

We all know the famous Towers game, right? Well, if you liked that game, then you are sure to love the Hamsta Digging Gangsta by Turbo Games. This single-player game was released in October 2021, and it has a relatively high RTP of 97%. It’s pretty much like the Towers game, but with an upside-down concept. The game comes with five different levels, and each one is more difficult than the previous one.


Category Singleplayer

ReleaseOctober 2021

Here’s how it goes:

Easy (Dead City) – Only one out of four blocks is radioactive
Medium (Wasteland) – One out of three blocks is radioactive
Hard (Swamp) – One out of two blocks is radioactive
Extreme (Graveyard) – Two out of three blocks are radioactive
Nightmare (Z-Day) – Three out of four blocks are radioactive

Explore different locations, have fun, and dig out some fantastic rewards along the way. As a player, you control where the Hamsta digs. There are always four possibilities. If you manage to avoid the radioactive blocks, you’ll earn a juicy payout. This concept makes Hamsta Digging Gangsta an exciting and engaging game.

Turbo Games Hammsta Digging Gangsta

Hammsta Digging Gangsta


The Turbo Games Mines game is simple and easy to understand, but at the same time, it’s incredibly captivating for all types of players. Once you launch the game, you will see a 5×5 grid, which means you’ll be playing with twenty-five boxes. The goal is to uncover as many diamonds as possible without hitting a mine.



ReleaseMay 2021

The difficulty level entirely depends on you. You determine how many mines will be active per round. You can activate between 2 and 24 in each round and then use your sixth sense to get fantastic multipliers. This game lets you cash out at any moment. So, the risks you’re willing to take are entirely up to you. The single-player game was launched in May 2021, and it comes with a decent RTP of 95%.

Turbo Games Mines


Sushi Catcher Neko

If you like to play the classic wheel of fortune game, you are sure to enjoy the Sushi Catcher Neko game by Turbo Games. The developer took the wheel of fortune concept and added a brand-new kawaii style to it, which resulted in this cute-looking game that entertains millions of players worldwide.



ReleaseAugust 2021

Place a bet between $1 and $100 on one of the four available options – the Avocado Roll for a 2x multiplier, the Salmon Roll for a 3x multiplier, the Tako Sushi for a 5x multiplier, or the Tamago Sushi for a 50x multiplier. You can’t say no to Neko! You have 15 seconds after each round to place your bet, and then the wheel will spin automatically. The company launched this multiplayer game in August 2021, and it has a solid RTP rate of 95%. Take a chance and roll the sushi reel to win fantastic rewards.

Turbo Games Sushi Catcher Neko

Sushi Catcher Neko


The Turbo Games Towers casino game is undoubtedly an iGaming masterpiece. Everyone knows how to play the game, and more importantly, everyone loves playing it. Ever since it was released in November 2021, players enthusiastically accepted it, and it quickly gained a lot of popularity. It’s a single-player game with five levels, and your goal is to uncover only safe blocks or, better said, to avoid hitting the X.



ReleaseNovember 2021

This is how levels work:

Easy – Three out of four blocks are safe
Medium – Two out of three blocks are safe
Hard – One out of two blocks is safe
Extreme – One out of three blocks is safe
Nightmare – One out of four boxes is safe

The game is a classic with a simplistic design and familiar mechanics, so there’s nothing complicated about it. It has a 97% RTP, which means that this is a pretty rewarding game in the long run.

Turbo Games Towers


Fury Stairs

Fury Stairs is an excellent casino game by Turbo Games, similar to Towers. It was released just recently, in December 2021, and players absolutely love it. The game has a 97% RTP and thirteen levels that award different multipliers. This game follows a similar concept as Towers and Hamsta Digging Gangsta. It’s engaging and gives players a say in what happens next as they choose where the game hero will go.



ReleaseDecember 2021

You can activate 1-5 fireballs in each round, and your goal is to climb as high up the stairs as possible without hitting one. The higher you go without getting burned, the bigger the rewards. Depending on the number of fireballs you activate, you will get different multipliers. For example, if you play with one active fireball, you can get an up to 2.71x multiplier at the thirteenth level. But, playing with five fireballs can lead to a fantastic 701.37x multiplier. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Turbo Games Fury Stairs

Fury Stairs

Ball & Ball

This game was released just before Chap’s team finished writing this post. It’s the newest game developed by Turbo Games. It has the highest RTP of all, 99%, which is really impressive. Ball & Ball game is really simple. The player must catch a lucky combination of the balls per line. Winning multiplicator depends on how many same balls roll out. The player is able to see previous results and decide how good the chances are now. Then, the player makes a bet and chooses one of the options. For example, if the player goes with 3 same balls bet and he’s lucky, his bet is multiplied 3 times.



ReleaseFebruary 2022

Ball & Ball works on smartphones as well and is a great time killer. The rules are simple and the game goes really quick. Give it a try!

Turbo Games Ball & Ball

Ball & Ball

Turbo Games RTPs

RTP or Return To Player is the theoretical percentage of all wagered money that a casino game will return to the player over time. Each game has its own RTP percentage, which is usually between 94-99%. When it comes to Turbo Games, all of the developer’s releases either come with a 95% or a 99% RTP, which is excellent.

An RTP of 95% means players will get $95 back for each $100 they put into the game. However, it’s essential to understand that this number is usually calculated based on a significant number of spins, usually millions. So, you can’t base your expectations on this figure solely. Though, it’s always better to play games with as high RTP as possible.

Provably Fair Algorithm

The Provably Fair System is based on advanced technologies that allow online randomization intending to reach a new level of openness and fairness. In simple words, this is an algorithm that uses the benefits of the blockchain to make all online casino games as random as they can be. Now, there are black-box algorithms that are usually utilized in the iGaming industry, and it is also Provably Fair. Wondering what the difference between them is? Well, it’s huge. With the Provably Fair algorithm, the randomization process is verifiable by all players.

Thanks to provable fairness, Turbo Games players can personally check and verify the game’s fairness without involving any third parties. The provably fair system is a process where a special pin containing the game’s result is created. These games work on a set algorithm that is already determined at the beginning of the game. The mentioned pin is created and kept in cash so that it can be verified later.

If all of this sounds overly confusing, the main take is that the provider guarantees randomness and fairness. And when real money games are involved, these two are the cornerstones of a pleasant experience.

Turbo Games Overview

Turbo Games on Mobile

With more than five billion mobile users in the world right now, it’s safe to say that mobile devices are steadily replacing computers. It is only a matter of time before casino players will completely switch to mobile play. Nowadays, people prefer playing on the move while waiting for the bus, driving to work, or waiting for a friend at a cafe. Mobile gaming comes with numerous benefits for players, and they seem to enjoy it much more than playing on their desktop computer or laptop.

Well, Turbo Games is a forward-thinking company that values its customers and prioritizes their satisfaction. Therefore, all of the games in the developer’s portfolio are available on both desktop and mobile. The best part – you are not required to download anything. You can use any smartphone or tablet device that runs on an iOS, Android, Windows, or Blackberry operating system to access the games and all of their features. The same quality graphics, sounds, and animations available on desktop are also available on mobile, and you will also notice how well they perform on every device.

So, there’s no need to be stuck at home to play your favorite casino games by Turbo Games. Their excellent design allows you to play wherever you are and whenever you want on your chosen mobile device.

Turbo Games Mobile

Best Turbo Games Casinos

Turbo Games is a relatively new software development company with a growing reputation in the online gaming world. It has partnered with numerous prominent online casinos to ensure that its products and games reach a wider range of customers who can access the games 24/7. All of the label’s partnering sites are fully licensed, regulated, and trustworthy, so you can register and play without worrying about your safety.

Partnering casinos have incredible game libraries that feature only high-quality titles that players enjoy. But, that’s not all. They also have the best bonus and promo offers for new and existing players, making them even more attractive. Every player loves to be welcomed with a generous bonus, especially beginners. It gives them just the right amount of cushion they need to kick things off the right way. Rest assured that all of the sites we recommend in this review are reliable and have a lot to offer, whether it’s in terms of safety, game selection, or bonuses.



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How To Play Turbo Games At Online Casinos

Playing your favorite games by Turbo Games is very simple and easy. We will explain the whole process in a few steps below. But, before you dive in and start enjoying your favorite game from the developer, make sure that you have chosen an online casino Turbo Games operator that suits your needs the best.

Our list of recommended brands is not in question here because we only put forward safe and trusted sites. But, you have to make sure that the chosen brand is suitable for you in every aspect and provides everything you need from an online casino.

So, take a good look at our list of Turbo Games casinos, compare their features, and decide which one you like the most. Once you have that done, here are the steps you need to take in order to start playing:

Register at your chosen Turbo Games online casino
Verify your casino account
Go to the game library and find your favorite game from the developer
Deposit to play real money games
Launch the game on your preferred device
Place a bet and start playing right away

You can always head to the cashier and request a payout if you win. Depending on the casino, you can expect your cash to arrive either instantly or within a few business days.

Pros Of Turbo Games

Turbo Games is truly a one-of-a-kind game developer that always puts players first. This forward-oriented company works around the clock to offer new and creative products and make them available for worldwide players. The company’s team consists of highly professional casino experts who work tirelessly to create these products and solutions. And the ultimate goal is to provide every single player with an immersive gaming experience that will make them come back and play again and again.

While the competition is fierce and there are multiple such companies in the iGaming world, Turbo Games has some unique features too. Wondering what you would get if you choose to play games from the provider? Well, we created a list for you:

A unique product trusted by more than 10 gambling platforms
Seven fantastic games and regular new releases
Customization of each game
24/7 support
Top HD visuals
Intuitive design
Cross-platform availability
Easy integration
Provably fair algorithm
Simple rules
No download required


Turbo Games is a relatively new name in the iGaming world for now. Still, with all the company’s work and dedication to each product, it threatens to beat the competitors very soon. The label’s provably fair games have been making waves since day one, and they have no intention to stop. Top-notch audiovisuals, impeccable animation, and performance on all desktop and mobile devices are all features that every player wants when it comes to casino games, and the company certainly delivers.

Each game comes with simple rules that you won’t have any trouble understanding, and they are highly entertaining, as well. So, you can quickly fail to stay aware of time while playing your favorite titles. All in all, there are so many unique features and things to see and enjoy with casino games by Turbo Games that you are sure to have an unforgettable gaming experience on whatever device you play.

Author: Adam Reed